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Dental Disease and Peri-implant Disease

Effective Treatment and Management

What is Dental Disease?

The term “dental disease” can refer to a number of pathological oral conditions, such as bruxism, abscesses, and tooth decay, but the most prevalent dental disease occurs in the gingival tissue. Gum disease may be referred to as gingival or periodontal disease, and it’s a chronic condition that must be managed to reduce the risk of tooth loss and serious oral health complications. Approximately 80% of UK residents will experience gum disease at some point in life. At Silk Dental Care, your family will have access to experienced dental hygienists who administer gum disease treatment by way of deep cleanings and regular maintenance programs.

What is Perioimplantitis, or Peri-implant Disease?

As is the case with natural teeth, plaque and tartar can build up at and below the gum line. Bacteria then eat away the connective tissues that secure a tooth in its socket. When a dental implant patient develops infection around an implant post, the soft tissues (gums) and hard tissues (bone) can ultimately deteriorate. Untreated, peri-implant disease can result in loss of a dental implant. Before this extreme situation occurs, gums become inflamed and irritated around the implant. If detected and treated at this stage, called peri-implant mucositis, perio-implantitis may be avoided.

How is Peri-implant Disease Treated?

At the mucositis stage, peri-implant disease may be treated with laser therapy. Dr. Murray-Curtis uses the Biolase dental laser to eradicate bacteria in and around dental implants. This minimally invasive treatment promotes prompt healing and reattachment of connective tissues to the implant post. If peri-implant disease is left to advance into peri-implantitis, surgery may be required. As a full-service implant dentist, Dr. Murray-Curtis has extensive experience with all aspects of implant dentistry, including treatment of peri-implant disease.

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